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KICTHEN makeovers

A new lease of life for your kitchen

Having your Kitchen resurfaced with SprayMe is a cost-effective option for a new lease of life for the main room in your house! We can respray your existing cabinets, repair and repaint where required and reinstall them ready to go.

give your kitchen a refresh!

New spray or restoration respraying.

  • New Kitchen Cabinet Sprays
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refresh
  • Cabinet Resprays
  • Kitchen Cabinet Repaint
  • Kitchen Door Restorations
  • Door Restoration & Repainting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Resprays
  • Kitchen Surface Resprays
  • Cabinet Repair/Restore/Repaint
  • Kitchen Panel Restorations
  • Kitchen Door Repainting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Sprayers
SprayMe Kitchen Makeover


A cost effective alternative to a great new kitchen without the full replacement expense!

KICTHEN makeovers

Your kitchen can function as normal

We usually only take away the door, drawer fronts and fixed panels, so your kitchen will function as normal while we work on the new cabinets.

We can replace panels, leave or fill your existing handle holes and supply new handles and hinges if required. Simply choose your colour and the matt or gloss level finish. And leave the rest to us.

We come to you and remove the panels.
Dissassemble, Preparation, Coating, Examination and Installation.

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